Future projects teed up

Members of the Yosemite Lakes Golf Association recently developed a maintenance plan that we can work on over the next several months (see my previous blog).

In addition, projects for the future were discussed, including;

• Cart paths on the No. 1, No. 6, and No. 8 fairways.
• Overseeding and fertilizing the fairways in the spring.
• Enlarging the back side of the 8th green.
The majority of the projects slated for the next several months will be completed at no cost to the association.
Future projects will be funded by the Golf Association and increased revenue from the golf course.
We are working hard to improve the course, which we believe will lead to increased use and overall enjoyment of one our most beautiful assets.

Improvements ahead!

Members of the Yosemite Lakes Golf Association recently met with Jon Christensen of Sierra Golf Management to go over our golf course and develop a maintenance plan that we can work on over the next several months.
We went over each hole, suggestions were made, notes were taken, and priorities were established.
The list of work to be done includes the following:
1. Reconstruction of the ladies’ 4th tee, including leveling, re-sod and adding a gold tee area.
2. Removing trees in front of the 5th tee on the right side and enlarging the white tee area to provide a new angle to the green.
3. Removing the dead tree short of the 6th green on the left side, trim mistletoe from the last two trees on the right side short of the green. Add dirt along right side of fairway and re-seed to stop erosion. Rope off and re-seed area left of green.
4. Remove brush and trees on right side in front of the 7th tee, enlarge tee box to the right to add a new angle to the green.
5.  Level and re-sod the blue tee area of the 8th tee, trim trees on the left side near the ladies’ tee, remove mistletoe from the last two trees on the left side of the fairway.
6. Level and re-sod the blue tee area on the 9th hole, trim trees on the right and left just off the tee.
More to come — look for our next blog!


YLCC holds tournament

Last month, Yosemite Lakes Community Church held its first golf tournament in the past eight years here at our golf course. Thirty-six players participated and everyone had a great time. Plans are being made for next year’s event.

Holiday Open House

This last Sunday, the Equestrian Center had our second annual Holiday Open House.  This year we included a “play day” event. We were able to get everyone involved by having some of the events on foot as well as on horseback.

Thanks to our generous community, we received some wonderful raffle prizes. The raffle raised $312 that we are donating to help fire victims from Paradise, CA.
Dave Rhodes, our horse show manager, presented the buckles to the winners who were present.
The return of our horse shows was so wonderful to see this year, we have some exciting plans for next year! The YLPEC has some wonderful boarders who always pitch in to make our events possible and we owe a huge thank you to Karen Kroske, Dave Rhodes and Sandy Unruh as well as our local horse community for all of the hard work and support.